Cloud Based Host PBX

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Reliable platform where all the tools function together to get your business to next level. Creating a link between your business and clients have become a necessary part of operations. Many organizations are realizing the importance of having a phone line.

Our cloud PBX system comes with a wide range of phone features that will help to maintain a well-organized way of communication. It’s important to understand Cloud PBX system it will open gates for success of your company.

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Our main features


Call Recording

Record the customer calls with the help of Alive PBX


Call Forwarding

Forward and route your calls easily with Alive PBX


Call Blast

The call blast is one of the most prominent features of the PBX


Call Conferencing

Call conferencing allows the users


Call Mgmt

Alive PBX allows to manage the calls in most customized manner



Automatic Call Distribution routes the customers call to another line


Personalized Voicemail box

TEach extension number in your AlivePBX account comes with a voicemail box. User can manage and have access to all recordings in the mailbox. They can even save it in mp3 format.


Our user extension has its own HD conferencing facility, through which they can reach up to 500 participants. User here can moderate a conference by locking and muting and ending calls. Meetings will be more fun with AlivePBX.

Greet your clients

Set personalized audio greetings, messages and music by uploading any audio file. Make them feel special every time they reach to you.

Get A Number

Local Numbers

Get a phone number with your local area code and run your business from anywhere in the world.

Toll Free Numbers

Take your business to new heights with AlivePBX toll free numbers. This option will create a bigger and better presence for your organization.

International Numbers

Get a worldwide customer base with our international numbers. Select a number of your choice and you are ready to go. Choose a number which is easy to remember, we also have numbers which you can customize.


User-friendly Interface

We have designed AlivePBX to be user friendly and relatively less complex than any other software in the market. We want you to focus on business and our platform will be your partner in that process.

User-friendly Interface

AlivePBX is instant and ready to use, user just have to sign in and then he is ready to work. We have created a simple and effective platform because we know running a business is much more complex.

Direct Support

Our dedicated support team is 24/7 ready to assist you in any situation although we know you are smart enough but just in-case whenever you want help we are there for you.

Direct Calls To Right Person

A message is effective only when it reaches to the right person otherwise the communication is not successful. Alive PBX gives you this power so that your clients in need reach to you. We provide extension numbers so that so it becomes easy to reach to concerned person for any issue.

Automatic Call Routing

Direct calls to desired extensions with menus and automated receptionist. This creates a hassle-free way of communication.

Dial by contact name

Ask your callers to enter the first or last name of person they want to reach to. Give them a personalized experience.

Dial by extensions

As each one will have their own extension number so callers just have to enter the desired extension number to reach the concerned person for their issue.