Boost Your Network With Alive PBX Services

Calls made by customers are very important for a business to have a productive approach. When the calls are missed, you miss your client. We do not let that happen.

Alive PBX enhances your customer approach and boosts your business.

The Cloud-Based PBX or EPABX is a system that works and manages completely on the cloud network. The Business using this system approach enjoys the freedom of not getting affected the cost or space limitation. Along with this, it gets the freedom to integrate and customize their calls and messages through the product or the application and website provided by the service provider.

Alive PBX provides you with cloud-based management and lets you enjoy its multiple advantages. When a business uses the service of PBX it gets surety of not missing its opportunity and its clients. It helps in creating a network of satisfied customers. It also allows you to manage the work network completely without making it complex or exploiting to the other competitors.

Services To Have Fun With Alive PBX

Alive PBX handles the call and manages them for you. It improves your working efficiency and provides you the facility to get in touch with more customers per day. We offer you the services of VoIP and Host PBX which increases the quality of calling service and improves your interaction with your buyers. Also, you do not need to worry about the setup hardware and other problems. The Alive PBX service makes you free from the unnecessary involvement of phone boxes and bothering wires. Keeps your work wireless. Let’s get a quick brief on services.


  1. Call Recording: Recording each and every call to improve the quality of services and to make customers satisfied.
  2. Call Redirecting: Forwards the incoming call to all the agents at the same time. The free agent can get connected to it.
  3. Call Blast: This refers to broadcasting a message over a call to thousands of clients at a single point of time.
  4. Conferencing Call: This service of Alive PBX lets you manage multiple call receivers on a single call.
  5. Voicemail Service: Callers can record and send voice messages to you when you cannot attend their call.
  6. Automated Calls: Automation improves your business reputation among the customers.

Call Recording

Every call received from the client is important and we understand it. Thus we provide you with the service of recording calls which help you in maintaining the vital data and add more services. It majorly helps in making the service quality better. Alive PBX maintains the security of your calls recorded and keeps them as a record for you.

Connecting terminals

It connects the calls which are a. Incoming calls from external source

  1. Outgoing calls from external source
  2. Conference Calls
  3. Internal calls

Call Redirecting

The incoming calls are automatically redirected to all the parallel connections when one of the devices is shown busy with the other incoming call.

Purpose of Auto ringing

  1. It makes the response quick
  2. Does not let any call to get missed
  3. Improves the experience of customer
  4. Increases interaction capability

Alive PBX does not let the calls to get missed as it transfers the call to the connections till it is picked up or it ends.

Call Blasting

With Alive PBX you can record a message, which you want to bring in the notice of your customers, and is sent to the list of customer contacts through a voice call being made to thousands of customers simultaneously.

How they help you?

The broadcast call made to the clients provides them with the information you want to them to know. It helps businesses by

  1. Reduces time and resources
  2. Interaction with a larger audience at a time
  3. Response record statics

Conferencing Call

With this service, you can get connected to a user and multiple callers in the same call. Alive PBX allows you to send images or data over the integrated calling solution. It helps you in

  1. Saving time
  2. Calling multiple people at the same time
  3. Sharing image, data or voice information
  4. Available 24*7

Voicemail Service

When you are busy or not available in the office to be in contact with the customer, Alive PBX allows you them to record a message for you which you can hear anytime and get back to the customer for the issue resolution. Also the same can be for the clients. They can receive your message left on their mailbox which they can hear having the required information.

It saves important information and lets you know about your customers. Also, the effect of missing the call of a client can be saved by this method.

Automated Calls

Automation services provides you the access to make your customers engaged with the digital receptionist. They can be used for incoming and outgoing calls.

They are helpful for instant customer problem resolution and electronic guidance. Also, helps in promotion of your business.

Call Management And Reporting

  1. Automatic Call Distributor: It directly distributes the multiple calls received at the same time between different agents.
  2. DND Service: Empower your customers with Do Not Disturb service.
  3. Caller Id: You can get to know about the information of the caller.
  4. Real-time monitoring: Monitor the incoming calls and analyze them.

The Automatic distribution of calls is done by Alive PBX does not let your customers leave you till you answer them. It uses a digital receptionist to answer the call initially. It keeps them in contact while waiting for you to answer the call.

It enables you to know their priority and basic query with the information received from the digital receptionist.

DND Service

Customers can be provided with the Do Not Disturb service when they do not want to receive the unnecessary call and getting disturbed. Alive PBX makes sure that this service helps you in completely blocking the unwanted call buzzing at the unwanted time.

It is a simple service, which when started will block all unwanted incoming calls with data being created about the calls being blocked. Also, it can be canceled when you want to receive the calls.

Caller ID

You can get to know about the customer calling you before you speak to them. By this service, you can prepare yourself before picking up the call.

Real-Time Monitoring

The calls can be closely monitored with this service. Alive PBX gives you the power to analyze your agent. You can check all the calls on the monitor to check the record and can access the recordings to check the quality of service given to your customers by the agent.

All the call logs are saved on the cloud for you and can be accessed anytime.

Top Your Ranks With Alive PBX Advantages

The advantages you receive when you start using Alive PBX are much more than anyone can think at once. You do get connected to your much distant clients at once by using the service. You can also reach out them and can create a record about their feedbacks and other relevant information.

A few of cherries you can pop out can be given as under:

  1. Global Networking: It gets you connected all over the globe and helps you create new clients.
  2. Affordable: The setup is a single time cost, which is affordable and you can enjoy its benefit for the lifetime.
  3. Limitless: There is no limit to the system approach and customization. Each call creates a new entry and multiple calls can be attended on parallel with the same number.
  4. Simplicity: The simplest to use. Requires a one-time setup.
  5. Modify: The setup once done can be modified anytime, as your business demands grow.
  6. Authenticity & Accuracy: The data received is always 100% accurate. You can easily make sure about the authentic buyers or clients.
  7. Scalability: You can fully scale and mark your efforts and progress with the use of this service. After scaling, you can easily identify the places to make an improvement.

Benefits By Alive PBX, Which Make You Choose Us

Switching to Alive PBX gives you many benefits of which the major is getting happy customers. The more happy customers, the more the growth of a business. Here are a few benefits which you can look at before choosing us

  1. Unification– The customers are approached all over the globe with the single method approach and all the collected data is stored at a single place which is the store on the cloud.
  2. Automation– It makes the incoming calls transferred to the right department and team according to the customer’s input and requirement.
  3. Information Collection– All the information, collected from the call with the customer, is managed and stored to provide the customer with a solution.
  4. Better experience- Increases the number of customers, giving them the best experience. It also helps in improving the quality of customer interaction.
  5. Availability– The service lets you be available 24*7 for the customers.
  6. Professionalism– Makes the interaction sound more professional and problem-solving to have more customer interaction.

You require no specialist to work with the product. Alive PBX is simple to install and use without spending much cost and time over setup and in customer solutions.

Make more customers and grow your business with Alive PBX.


* Unlimited Calling

* Unlimited Extensions

* Auto-receptionist

* Internet v-fax – Send & Receive

* Departments with calls listed

* Cloud-Based Host PBX

* Avail Toll-Free Numbers

* Simple answering procedure

* Easy to use Dial by Name


Alive PBX has initiated a nominal price list

* Toll-Free Number - $ 20 per month

* Per Extension - $30 per month

* Unlimited Calling - $ 75 per month


* Call Forwarding

* Automatic Call Distribution

* Call Recording Services

How The System Works

Do not worry, Alive PBX is universal

Every business works differently and requires the products which can work for them easily. It can be used by any type of business and it will run easily for them.

Alive PBX works on cloud networking which makes the system more efficient and trustworthy. The data fetched and saved through the system is managed on the cloud which is made of huge network elements over the internet.

The system process makes the work process easier for any organization. It provides you with a toll-free number that is accessible all over the globe and lets you connect with potential clients. It does not consume your time, rather it makes your work easier. You can prevent the fake calls from disturbing you, as calls are connected through the servers.

The customers can enjoy services through our set of toll-free numbers. Also, it lets keep a record of suspicious activities over the server and VoIP. The calls are transferred to a calling device connected with the cloud PBX, which is not hung on call, else it transfers to the next device connected. The calls approaching you through the network mark the details over the server and create a database with the relevant data.

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